I cannot help but question
What God sometimes permits,
When I see a kind and good man
Suffer so, because of it.
Insults to his body,
Only drugged release from pain,
Conscious - then unconscious,
Awake - more pain again.
Please God, tell me why,
 I know that you are just,
But I wonder - oh, I wonder
Why must he hurt so much.

If I could trade him places,
I would, God, as you know,
I'd pray take me instead of him,
Please let this poor soul go.
Please forgive my questioning,
I've no right to ask you why,
To expect an explanation
To ask you to justify.
Even if you did explain,
What difference would it make?
And even if I understood,
Would that ease his pains and aches?

I'm just a human being,
With a spirit that is weak,
I am helpless; I can't help him,
He's in need of your relief.
I am running out of words,
I don't know what to say,
You've heard my prayers so many times,
What's left for me to pray?
Either heal him, God, or take him,
No more grief for this poor man,
Don't justify - please just decide,
I don't need to understand.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright August 2002