Poetry By Ginny ~ A POEM FOR PAT


Well, dear Pat, you did it,
You just went away one day,
You didn't give us any notice,
You just simply slipped away.
We're glad you went so sweetly,
But we wonder what we'll do,
How will we ever get along?
We're so used to having you.
Dear little Ms Prim and Proper,
President of the Pearls,
You held our group together,
The most beloved of all us "girls." (heh heh)
Do you remember how it started,
One October afternoon?
Eight women sat at their computers,
And the Internet went BOOM!
As I recall, our mission
Was to cheer your saddened soul,
Though impromptu and unplanned,
We did achieve our goal.
The giggles that resulted
Resounded 'round the world,
We ladies let our hair down,
And behaved like little girls.
And, Pat, you laughed the hardest,
And were the most sincerely pleased
You were our intended target,
And were so much fun to tease.
When you were lifted from your doldrums,
We all felt joy, too,
What a memorable occasion!
Proof of what warm hearts can do.
And from that event that day,
The Potlitzer Pearls were born,
A little league of ladies,
With no rules, no dues, no form.
Based purely on respect and care,
We had a certain chemistry
We were united as The Pearls,
Our friendship was our destiny.
You were elected President,
Our first choice, don't you know,
And it was unanimous,
Because we loved you so.
You fulfilled the obligations
That such an office holds,
What they were exactly,
I suppose nobody knows.
But whatever the heck they were,
They just made us love you more,
Your charm, your wit, your open heart,
We Pearls all adored.
Then when God took you from this earth,
Each Pearl, though grieved, was pleased,
That you left so gently with God's angels
In your sleep and were pain free.
Oh, we will miss you, precious Pat.
We Pearls, who bonded at your door,
Without you this group would not exist,
And you'll be remembered ever more,
I'll bet you are embarrassed
To hear me talk like this,
It's just my awkward way of saying,
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright March 2004
Patricia Whitton
1942 - 2004

We celebrate your life, dear Pat, and admire you because you truly did
learn to make lemonade from the lemons handed you over the years.
We cry with sadness because we will miss you, and we cry with joy
because we know you are now united with your beloved Craig again.


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