Mister Murdock's reputation,
As a sweet and loving cat,
Was exceeded only by the tales
Of his adventures and mishaps.
Like the day he saw that door ajar,
He found himself surprised,
It led to a forbidden place,
He could not believe his eyes.
The bedroom closet was off limits,
But opportunity now beckoned,
And in case it might not come again,
"Carpe Diem," Murdock reckoned.
Warily he looked around,
Before he stepped inside,
It was inky black and dark in there,
Which gave him a thrill he could not hide.
Trembling with pure excitement,
He began his fateful journey,
He slipped through the tiny crack,
And he felt his tummy churning.
The spirit of adventure
Now surged within his chest,
Mister Murdock's heart beat faster,
As he started on his quest.
Stealthily he crept along,
A shaft of light squeezed through the door
Which made shadows with strange shapes,
Like he had never seen before.
Obstacles upon the floor,
He deftly pushed aside,
He wasn't sure just what they were,
But he took them all in stride.
Lined-up, two be two, in rows,
 Perhaps ... a structured threat?
Wham!  With a resounding kick,
Their challenge had been met.
He felt things brush across his face,
Which in the dark he had not spied,
They hung from somewhere up above.
He batted them aside.
Suddenly ... a loud retort!
BAM!  It shook him to the core!
Momentarily he cringed,
Then his eyes looked towards the door.
Uh oh ... the door had closed!
The shaft of light had disappeared,
The cavern was pitch black now,
Mister Murdock froze in fear.
In panic, he grabbed the hanging things,
As he turned, attempting to go back,
But from above, he was engulfed,
As the hanging things attacked!
Fighting for his very life,
He somehow made it to the door,
But Alas!  Alack!  It was shut tight.
The opening was no more!
Imprisoned in the darkness,
Hysterically, he screamed!
He beat and pounded on the door,
Till he ran out of steam.
Discouraged and exhausted,
Mister Murdock almost wept,
Then curling up in a tiny ball,
He nodded off and slept.
Hours later (Maybe days),
Mister Murdock was aroused,
When through the door, he heard the words,
He stood and stretched, meowed and leaned,
Against the closet door,
Which suddenly opened with such force,
It knocked him to the floor.
"Oh, there you are, you naughty cat,"
The voice above him said,
"Good grief!  Look at that awful mess."
Mister Murdock looked ... and fled.
Clothes were pulled from hangers,
They lay in piles on the floor,
Shoes and slippers tossed about,
Not in order anymore.
Hands on hips, the voice spoke,
"Just look at what you've done!
What's her problem?  Why the fuss?
Mister Murdock stopped and thought,
"Much ado about nothing,"
Then he strutted down the walk.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
İMay 2005 ~ Updated January 2009




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