The Angel with the Golden Hair
The angel with the golden hair
Cried, "Sisters!  Sisters!  Look below!
Those are my precious children there.
How sad they are, and low."
"Do you see the way they weep for me?
Which I wish they wouldn't do,
I'd rather they would smile instead,
Not be so glum and blue."
We had so many good times,
I wish they'd concentrate on them,
Perhaps I need to go below,
And remind them once again."
"Ooh, Sister, would you do that?"
The other angels hovered round,
"Of course, I would, you silly things,
I would go directly down."
So the angel with the golden hair
Flew down to see her children,
She kissed them each upon the cheek,
Trying to console them.
Her daughter felt the kiss and smiled,
"Oh, Mom, I knew you'd come,"
Her son, aware that she was there,
Said, "Gosh, I love you, Mom."
Then she flew back up to heaven,
Left them happy on their own,
See - that's what mothers do,
Let their children know they're not alone.
The angel with the golden hair
Laughed; such joy now she knew,
And her children down on earth, it seems,
 Received an angel's blessing, too.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright November 2004