Did you know in heaven
Angels are divided into crews,
That there are specific jobs,
Each crew's assigned to do?
Selection's wisely based on skills,
Not on wishes or desires,
Thus, those who cannot carry tunes
Are not assigned to choirs.
Domestic Angels care for homes,
No house complete without them,
God chooses them most carefully,
There's something neat about them.
These angels often work alone,
But there can be two or more,
Depending on the household size,
And what they're needed for.
They take stubborn lids off jars,
They locate glasses when misplaced,
Domestic Angels find lost keys,
And put remote tuners back in place.
To be assigned to garden duty
Is a job some think is plum,
Garden Angels help the flowers grow,
And those angels have 'green thumbs.'
Earth's flowers would not bloom at all,
If Garden Angels did not treat them,
They dip young buds in color pots,
And with sweet smells, they tweak them.
To be a Guardian Angel,
Requires special education,
As well as extra wing power,
For earth-to-heaven navigation.
They're generally assigned alone,
To persons down on earth,
For an individual's lifetime,
Beginning with his birth.
They have permanent appointments,
No resignations - no transfers,
Guardian Angels are professionals,
Highly trained - not amateurs.
Their work is all encompassing,
They must be multi-trained.
They do so much for all those souls,
They safeguard and sustain.

Their last act is to bring them home,
That's why their wings must be so strong,
Their responsibility is awesome,
And their assignments are lifelong
Heart Angels also are revered,
They undergo intensive training,
They sit direct at Jesus' feet,
While He's teaching and explaining.
When He thinks that they are ready,
They're released to go below,
Where they do their heartfelt duties,
With specific holy goals.
Once there, they enter empty hearts,
That are bereft of love,
That's why they are directly trained,
By the Master up above.
Heart Angels are in residence,
For as long as there is need.
But when their host feels love again,
Heart Angels take their leave.
God really is most generous,
He sends angels by the score,
We've been helped and blest by many,
And will be forever more.
We will never know for sure,
And it's anybody's guess,
When we've been touched by angels,
When they've come to our address.
When something good befalls us,
That bad behavior should exclude.
Of course, it does behoove us all,
 To show God our gratitude,
When God's angels are released by Him,
They are assigned at His discretion,
And He sees that we receive,
The very best of His collection.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2003 ~ 2007

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