Angels come in varied fashions,
Different forms and different shapes,
One may not be aware of them,
Until they've gone, and it's too late.
They're fat and short and tall and thin,
They come in many sizes,
Which is, of course, no help at all,
When one tries to recognize 'em.
They come in diverse species, too,
And sometimes opposite sexes,
And though they're spread around the world
They say the greatest come from Texas.

A state so broad, God went whole-hog,
And gave Texas quite a few,
But the angel ratio there per mile,
Was still too small to call a coup.
So then God gifted Texas angels
With bigger, larger hearts,
Their love, He said, must go much farther,
Because they are so far apart.
Then God allowed they could talk funny,
And He gave them Texas drawls,
Then branded them as His and said,
"Ah shor do love Y'all."
Like God blest Florida with palm trees,
And New York with Broadway lights,
He blest the Lone Star State of Texas,
With the Angel BaBa White.
And, sho' nuff, her heart's as great,
As any big ole' Texas mile,
And, darlin,' it's the gospel truth,
So is her big ole' Texas smile!
Saturday nights, Angel BaBa White
Becomes all squeaky clean,
And they' ain't no angels up in heaven,
As clean as that sweet 'thang,'
She's got a heart that looks like Texas,
In length and width and girth,
And, sho' nuff, God knew what He was doin',
When He sent Angel BaBa down to earth.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2002

Dedicated with love to the greatest angel in all of Texas,
one of our own Potlitzer Pearls, the one and only
Barbara (BaBa) White!