The winds, like vengeful warriors,
Came shrieking through the night,
Their battle cries reached through the skies,
As they ravaged all in sight.
Like toys, people's homes collapsed,
Tall buildings shook and crumbled,
Sturdy bridges broke apart,
Mighty trees let go and tumbled.
A night from Hell; folks hid inside,
And waited for the sunrise,
When the sun came out, the levee broke,
Then the water began to rise.
It rose and flowed with viciousness,
As it played with people's lives,
It tossed men around like match sticks,
Right before their loved one's eyes.
America's Tsunami!
Land and cities sunk in mud,
Lives lost, hearts crushed, dreams vanished,
All heaven mourned above.
But from a distance, through the clouds,
There came a sign of hope,
The Saints were standing by, dear friends,
To help the grieving cope.
Louisiana ... Alabama ...
Mississippi ... treasured South,
Soothing Blues and white Magnolias,
Dixie lights must not go out.
The spirit of New Orleans,
Biloxi charm and Mobile grace,
Forever in our hearts,
Nothing else can take their place.
Men can rebuild their cities,
And men will heal, for they are strong,
As long as God's still in His heaven,
And those Saints keep marchin' on.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright September 2005 ~ Revised August 2007

Pray for our sisters and brothers in the Gulf states,
in the wake of the terrible disaster brought about by
hurricane Katrina August 29, 2005.

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