Dearest Don-Don, my sweet friend,
I want to say good-bye to you,
The other night you stole away,
With no so-longs or fond adieus.
I know you had not planned to go,
Yet I felt a little hurt,
That you would disappear like this,
Right off of this old earth.
Though God was kind and took you fast,
Those who loved you weren't prepared,
We'd planned for you to be with us,
With many years to share.
How surprised you must have been
To awaken from your slumber,
To find yourself in Hallowed Halls,
Surrounded by God's wonders.
Those of us you left behind
Also were surprised and shocked,
When we awoke and found you gone,
For a moment our hearts stopped.
I think your job on earth was done,
That's why God took you Home,
And I also think it was because
You'd earned a place beside His Throne.
And I've heard, too, when folks die young,
God assigns them special roles,
Instant angels, they become,
So, with great care, He picks those souls.
You're honored, Don-Don, God chose you,
For His own purpose and intent,
His reason not yet ours to know,
Thus, just for now, we must lament.
But regardless of our sorrow,
We know you're in God's hands,
That you will join Dottie and Bill,
The best part of God's plans.
With love to you, Don-Don 
From your friend, Gin-Gin
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright February 2006

Donna White
02/21/47 ~ 02/18/06

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