First, they brought a tree inside,
Those crazy human beings,
I could hardly believe my eyes,
But ... a real tree, I was seeing.
My first thought was to climb that thing,
Since that's what trees are for,
But warning shouts and human hands
Secured me to the floor.
Subdued, I sat and watched the tree,
The humans eyed it, too,
Then they placed it by 'my' window,
The best spot in the room.
Perhaps, I thought, this tree is mine,
A special gift for me,
But wagging fingers told me, "NO!",
That was not to be.
Next they put some colored lights
Upon the tree and plugged them in,
The tree lit up like a star-filled night,
And all the humans grinned.
And if you think that that was odd,
You should see what else was done,
On its top, a star was propped,
And bright balls hung down in fun.
Well, by now I was beside myself,
I knew those balls were mine,
They were gold and silver, red and green,
All designed with me in mind.
They swayed and swung and shimmered some,
I was in ecstasy,
I loved the balls; I wanted one,
They seemed to call to me.
One golden ball upon a string
Almost drove me mad,
When everybody's back was turned,
I raced to it and grabbed.
It fell and rolled beneath the couch,
I chased after it - what fun!
The room was filled with people's screams,
The humans were undone!
Such excitement!  Such commotion!  
Shucks ... I only meant to play,
But I was swept up in human arms,
Before I got my way.
I think I like this Christmas thing,
Though I don't understand it much,
It's strange to have a tree inside,
Which I can see, but cannot touch.
I have toy mice, scratching posts,
And other kitty things,
But what I wanted most of all.
Was that golden ball upon the string.
They say I cannot have it,
It is forbidden and taboo,
But when the humans are not looking,
Don't you wonder what I'll do?
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright December 2005 ~ 2007