They say with age comes wisdom,
That they make a likely pair,
That when a proper age is reached,
Wisdom should be there.
Tell me, when will wisdom show?
When will enlightenment take place?
I wonder if it's really true
Age is more than lavender and lace.
I want to be prepared for it,
I want to know when I am wise,
So I can sit with chin in hand,
To make sage comments and advise.
Perhaps a furrow in my brow
Will show I'm deep in thought,
Or a distant look within my eyes
Will reveal I think a lot.
I'd like to utter profound words,
That people will write down,
And quote to one another,
Preferably before I'm gone.
I have learned, as I grow older,
My poor brain is quite a joke,
Though, when I was in my teens,
I knew more than both my folks.
This wisdom thing is backwards,
I knew much more when I was young,
There was nothing one could tell me then.
So how come now I feel so dumb?
As it is, I can't remember
All the things I know I should,
Though I always say, "Gesundheit,"
And I always knock on wood.
But why I do or say those things,
I'll admit I have forgot,
They happen automatically,
Without a bit of thought.
I wish I could be really wise,
And grow ever wiser as I age,
I'd like to be like Solomon,
And make decisions that amaze.
But now it's even difficult
Deciding what to have for dinner,
Would Solomon pick pizza pie?
If so, then I might be a winner.
To understand life's mysteries
Is every human's goal,
But, you know, I still don't have a clue,
Even though I am so old.
I doubt I'll ever figure out
Just how a clock keeps time,
Or how a light switch turns on lights,
Or what makes a doorbell chime.
See, the simplest things still puzzle me,
Though I accept them without question,
But before I go, I'd like to know
About this age and mind connection.
The elderly have lots of losses,
Can wisdom replace those?
Or is wisdom just a word that's used,
To appease those older souls?
But if, and when, wisdom does set in,
At what vast age must someone be?
I wonder if I've reached it yet,
For I have learned to laugh at me.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
November 2004