Homo Sapiens makes up my world,
Big giants with small brains,
They talk baby-talk to cats,
I think they are insane.
They've given me a sequined collar,
Which I very seldom wear,
It's tasteless and it's gaudy,
And it musses up my hair.
Their overstuffed is big enough
To hold a dozen felines,
I stretch-out full length on it,
I consider it's all mine!
Their people-bed is not off limits,
Be it king-size, full, or queen,
I elongate cross-wise on it,
While at each edge my people cling.
On occasion they speak sternly,
Which in itself is not impressive,
But shouting at a tiny cat,
I find to be oppressive.
If they shriek at me, I leave the room,
And head out through the door,
Perhaps a cat-nap or a cat-bath,
Will get my dignity restored.
I climb curtains, drapes and blinds,
I am amazing on a valence,
Once I am up, I strut my stuff,
I never lose my balance.
My motor always runs and hums,
It never skips a beat,
It's set on automatic purr,
It works best when I'm asleep.
Cat wisdom is an awesome thing,
As we felines are aware,
It far surpasses human being's,
Anybody's ... anywhere.
My people claim to be in charge,
I let them feel that way,
But in my realistic mind,
I know they are my slaves.
Though a hundred times as big as I,
They kowtow to meows,
Fellow cats!  Take heart!  Unite!
We've got them where we want them now!
I think that it was good of God
To stock our world with mankind,
No other creature did he feature,
With laps so perfectly designed.
The Seventh Day, the Bible says,
Was when God sat back to rest,
And that's the very day, I think,
Cats were made by Him, and blest.
Designed at such a restful time,
With God's own gentle touch,
Explains why we yawn a lot,
And why we sleep so much.
As long as man behaves himself,
We'll allow him to attend us,
We'll overlook his baby-talk,
And not let it offend us.
Now, mark my words, and I tell you true,
We are the Chosen Ones,
Cats were designed and meant to rule,
And be in charge of everyone!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright May 2005