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I am pleased to announce that two of my poems,  "More Whipped Cream"**   and  "I love you Grandma"**   were selected for publication in the 2002 book,


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Angels Index
Everyone loves angels, and I hope
my angel poems will please you.

Christmas Index
Who says we can't have
Christmas all year round?

Humorous Index
Poems meant to give you a laugh.
Well, at least, a smile.

Inspirational Index
Poems of encouragement and warmth,
and a few on our early prophets.

Ginny's Heart Index
Poems of love, friendship, and other
subjects I just happen to like.

Nature Of Things Index
Poems of the out of doors and God's creatures
with a separate section just for CATS.

Nostalgic Index
Poems based on personal memories
of old times, old friends, family, etc.

Spiritual Index
Poems of praise and honor for our Lord
and comfort and peace for our souls.

Kind friends who have honored me with their poems
and pages and have allowed me to copy them for you.
Please click on each page listed below:
Lady of Lace ~ Samantha and Kate
Pedal Pedal Pedal ~ Francine Pucillo
Sharing the Love ~ Jane Breckenridge/Kate Tanks


These are my most recent pages, which you may click on to see. As a new page is posted, the oldest one will leave the listing, but can still be found on its appropriate Index Page.

The Sweet Jesus Hymn ~ Revised with its own music and vocal ~

Dressing Up for New Years

God's Perfect Creation ~ With Vocal ~

Sleep Tight Little One

For Sale - As Is

Music of the Winds of Night

Is It Spring Yet?

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Poor Old Tree

Bathtub Ball

Dum Dum

God Holds My Hand


Following are some Website addresses of friends who have honored me by setting up sections on their websites for some of my poems. Please check out their pages.

Judy Bibby ~ Realm of Sunshine and Smiles ~ Her Poets' Gallery.
Penny Parker ~ Ginny's Inspirational Poetry.
Robert (Bobby) Millar ~ Ginny's World of Poetry.


A BIG thank you to Penny Parker for her help and contribution to many of the pages on this Poetry Website. The value of her encouragement and know-how cannot be measured. Penny has recently created a CD filled with her beautiful Angel and Christian artwork. Purchase one today and help support a Christian School. Just Click On the CD Below to find out more!


And A BIG thank you, also, to Amelia Anne Millis for designing my original home page and all of the index pages on this site, as well as setting up many of the earliest pages.

Amelia Anne's Little Bit of Heaven.


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